Cantilever Umbrella with Weighted Base

Cantilever Umbrella with Weighted Base


Traditional High-End Outdoor Patio Cantilever Umbrella Without Base: Big and opulent, our Cantilever Umbrella with Weighted Base matches your outdoor space with its wide arching canopy and sophisticated iron framework. The modern design was developed to fit flawlessly in areas such as outside seating spaces for office buildings, dining establishments, and business services.

You can also get these cantilever umbrellas with cantilever umbrella with lights

Reliable Craftsmanship: Our high-quality polyester material is consisted of 5 separate layers to produce a thick canopy that masters water resistance and UV defense. The sophisticated material is AATCC 169-2003 Grade 4 colorfastness to light and wear-resistant, supplying a longer life of abundant and lively shading for any outside setting. =======>

Develop with Security in Mind: To supply the best most dependable umbrellas, we developed a more powerful structure with 25% thicker iron poles to up the wind resistance by 30% and improve our total design. With five levels of changes and anti-rust powder-coated poles, this durable umbrella can securely be tilted to accommodate the ever-moving sunshine.

Practical Control System: This commercial-grade umbrella brings an added element of adaptability that can produce new possibilities for your outside furnishings needs. Use our easy-to-turn manage to effortlessly open, close, and tilt the canopy. For more assistance and hassle-free setup, we have offered a user-friendly instruction manual with all you need for same-day use.

Umbrella Upkeep: To maintain the quality and performance of these glamorous umbrellas, we recommend covering and saving them in the evening and throughout severe weather. We pride ourselves in our modern customer service, supplying a 90-day service warranty and 24-hour online client service to guarantee all your requirements are satisfied. NOTE: The weighted base is offered SEPARATELY.


Cantilever Umbrella Without Base

Outdoor Umbrellas For Shade and Style-10-foot best cantilever umbrella with weighted base


Things to Consider When Picking Outdoor Umbrellas

There are a couple of things that you ought to consider when it comes to buying an outdoor umbrella. The size of your outdoor patio, for example, is simply one factor that will affect your decision on which umbrella to acquire.

If you have a small patio area then you must go with an umbrella that sits in the middle of a patio table.

That way it will not take up more space than is required. If on the other hand, your outdoor patio is quite large, you may wish to go with a totally free-standing umbrella.

That way you can move it around when you need to.

Your budget plan will also play a huge part in the umbrella you choose. The more you need to spend, the fancier the umbrella you can purchase.

For example, some umbrellas include their own devices. You can purchase ones that have carry bags, lights, a replaceable canvas, and even fabric cleaners.

You will need to look around to see all of the different types of umbrellas available. The more that you take a look at, the best opportunity you will have of getting the right type of shade sail for you.

On your search for the ideal umbrella for you, you will see that they are available in a range of different fabrics. You might choose artificial thatch, vinyl, acrylic, or polyester. Good quality outside umbrellas will have been sprayed with a chemical coat to protect it against the elements.

You should keep in mind nevertheless that if you will need to spray the umbrellas once a year when you are using them.

The umbrella poles also come in different designs. There are aluminum poles, wood, teak, and chrome or steel to name just a couple of.

No matter what your taste and the style of your garden, there will constantly be a sail shade to fit them.

One final thing that you must think about is the climate that you reside in. If it is constantly bright then you will need an umbrella that can stand up to continuous use.

Outdoor Umbrellas Are So Relaxing

When it comes to the summer season, the first thing we all think of is getting outdoors and taking pleasure in the sunlight, specifically after the cold, snowy winter seasons we have had of late.

Being outdoors in the fresh air, smelling the fresh-cut yards, and even enjoying the beach is something we have actually anticipated for months.

Nevertheless, all that sunshine can be a bit much, so having outdoor umbrellas to shut out the brightness of the sun while allowing us to still enjoy the outdoors is the way to go.

Settling back on a nice weekend after all the tasks are looked after and relaxing under the shade and comfort of outdoor umbrellas is a natural way to invest a lovely afternoon.

Since your chair or chaise lounge is under an umbrella, you know you can stay there as long as you want without having to be concerned about the sun and the unhealthy results of both the brilliant sunlight and the UV rays.

That implies you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about anything else.

Outdoor umbrellas may seem like a metachronism but when you’re sitting there under the umbrella you know that you’re secured from the sun while still able to do anything you want to do whether it’s surfing the web on your laptop computer and listening to music on your iPod or merely sleeping you understand you have found the supreme in relaxation.

When it concerns simply letting the stresses of the job ebb away, absolutely nothing beats being able to sit back and unwind and not need to fret about anything for a little while.

One of the hardest things to do in life for a lot of people is having the ability to let go of daily stresses.

We’re pushed so hard to be efficient in our tasks and in the house that discovering ways to simply relax is a real difficulty.

Having a deck or a patio area or perhaps someplace in our backyard where we can take a seat in the shade and let the world go ways we can actually escape those pressures for a little while.

The downside to plenty of yards is that there is no shade which’s where outside umbrellas come into play.

Enjoy your life and enjoy your summer by unwinding in your garden and taking pleasure in the great days ahead.

How to Install 10-foot hanging cantilever patio umbrella with crank


Choosing Between a Cantilever and an Offset Patio Umbrella

Are you having as much difficulty as I am deciding between an offset and a cantilever patio umbrella? I’ve finally decided to put an end to this saga. After extensive research, I’ve concluded that the differences are largely technical in nature.

An offset umbrella typically consists of an aluminum or wood support pole that extends upward from the support stand and then abruptly bends and angles out over the shaded area at the top, with a canopy attached to the pole’s end. A cantilever, like a pergola, has an aluminum or wood support pole that extends upward from the support stand, but also typically has another piece of aluminum or wood attached to the main support pole that extends out over the shaded area, from which an umbrella is suspended.

Advantages to using an offset Patio Umbrella

Is there an advantage to using an offset patio umbrella rather than a cantilever? The only additional benefit I can think of is the ease with which the cantilever umbrella can be lowered from the ground to the umbrella. Generally, the umbrella can be raised and lowered quite easily by raising the lever pole.

On the other hand, the offset umbrella would require a two-piece support pole that fits inside the other, as well as a pin apparatus with holes drilled through the poles to allow for raising and lowering the entire pole and then securing it in place with a pin. (This is extremely similar to standard market umbrellas.)


Generally, both offset and cantilever umbrellas allow for tilting in order to track the sun’s movement across the sky. This maximizes the umbrellas’ shade potential during the sunrise and sunset periods.


The offset umbrella’s stand or base support structure is nearly identical to the cantilever umbrella’s stand. Typically, the umbrella’s base units are weighted to prevent it from toppling over in strong winds. Both offset and cantilever umbrellas are more prone to tipping over in strong winds than the standard market umbrella with its central support pole.


Cantilever umbrella accessories are identical to offset umbrella accessories. For digital music players, the majority of manufacturers offer optional LED and fiber optic lighting kits as well as add-on speakers.


The offset and cantilever umbrellas appear to be nearly identical in terms of total cost. The majority of the cost is dictated by the material used to construct the support pole, base, and fabric, among other things. Both types of umbrellas are comparable in terms of availability. They’re available at the majority of major hardware and outdoor furniture retailers. Both types of umbrellas are sold by the majority of online merchants.


I hope you enjoyed this article, which clarified the distinction between offset and cantilever patio umbrellas. Keep an eye out for additional articles in the future that will discuss the additional features and benefits of patio umbrellas.


How Much Should You Expect To Pay For A Cantilever Umbrella?

Cantilever umbrellas are a style of patio umbrellas that is offset. In general, a cantilever umbrella will have a canopy supported by a gently curved beam, which adds a touch of extra style to the design. These umbrellas come with a freestanding base, allowing you to position them anywhere in your backyard. Due to the fact that the base must support the entire umbrella, it is typically quite heavy, and many models require the addition of weights to further reduce the likelihood of the umbrella toppling. As a result, you are unlikely to move the umbrella frequently, but the design of a cantilever umbrella – specifically, the canopy’s ability to be moved independently of the base – allows for maximum shade potential without the need to relocate.

Cantilever Umbrellas at a Low Price


As with other umbrellas, the canopy size of a cantilever umbrella is a significant factor in determining the price. Additional factors include the stand and canopy materials, the umbrella’s specific features, and, of course, the umbrella’s construction quality. Although the cheapest canopy umbrellas are available for less than $100, there are risks associated with the quality of these umbrellas. They may be constructed of materials that are not long-lasting, particularly if they are exposed to extreme weather conditions. The canopy’s color may fade and the operating mechanisms may fail.


Umbrellas in the Mid-Range

The mid-range umbrella models are an upgrade from the ultra-cheap models. These are a little more expensive, starting at around $300. However, with an increase in price almost always comes an increase in quality, making these umbrellas a far better investment. Frequently, you can find a canopy up to 10′ in the $300-and-less range, and occasionally an 11′ as well. Additionally, you have more design options than with cheaper models.

Umbrellas deluxe

The largest and most expensive cantilever umbrellas are typically purchased for commercial use, as their cost is prohibitively expensive for the average homeowner. And they’re expensive, frequently exceeding $500 or even $1000. Unless you have a large area dedicated to entertaining and the financial means to do so, the mid-range umbrellas are probably a better choice.

Regardless of the budget, you have for your umbrella, it is always a good idea to solicit feedback from other consumers who have purchased the model you are considering. That is the only way to determine whether the umbrella lives up to the manufacturer’s quality claims.


How much weight can you hold down a cantilever umbrella?

This sturdy, 4-plate design can hold 15 liters. of water or 5o lbs. of sand, so your umbrella stays sturdy even in strong winds.

Sunnyglade 9′ Solar 24 LED Lighted Umbrella with 8 Ribs Adjustment and Crank Lift System for Patio – Black and White

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
Material : Polyester canopy fabric features fade resistant, water repellent and sun protection
LED Lights : Crafted with 24 built in LED lights illuminating every evening dinners or get-togethers

Additional images:

Product ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct Thumbnail

Price: $71.98

Buy Now

Giantex 10ft Outdoor Patio Umbrella, Market Table umbrella w/Tilt Adjustment and Crank, 180G Polyester, Garden Canopy…

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
【For Plenty of Occasions】 You really need one patio umbrella at least. It can lessen most of harm from strong sunshine and create romantic atmosphere at night. Suitable for almost everywhere from family to business like parties, hotel, park, barbecue bar, western restaurant, beauty salon.
【Premier Operation System】: Handy crank lift makes it pretty simple to open or close the patio umbrella even for teens. Want to tilt the umbrella for wider shade? No problem! Only push the tilt button.

Additional images:

Product ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct Thumbnail

Price: $74.99

Buy Now

Solar LED 9’ Round 100% Solution-dyed Polyester Outdoor Market Backyard Table Balcony Patio Umbrella with Crank Lift…

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
SOLAR LED SYSTEM: High Quality Solar Panel with 32 LED Bulbs on 8 Ribs.
HIGH QUALITY CANOPY FABRIC: 280 g/m Solution-dyed Polyester Fabric + UV Coating + PU Coating.

Additional images:

Product ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct Thumbnail

Price: $54.99

Buy Now

Sundale Outdoor 7 ft Solar Powered 24 LED Lighted Patio Umbrella Table Market Umbrella with Crank & Push Button Tilt for…

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
★ The unpowered solar panel is on the top of the umbrella with no extra package in case of loss. Convenient crank opens/closes system and handy push button tilt, even easy to use for kids and the elderly. Keep the sun at the back in the daytime. 24 LED Lights with 8 steel ribs and 3 LED lights on each rib, help to light up relaxing night.
★ 1.49in diameter rust-free bronze aluminum pole and 8 steel ribs provide stronger support. Air vented top enhances umbrella stability.

Additional images:

Product ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct Thumbnail

Price: $79.99

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Tangkula 10 Ft 3 Tier Patio Umbrella, Outdoor Umbrella W/Double Vented, Market Table Tilt Umbrella with Crank, Outdoor…

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
⛱️ Three Tiers & Dual Vented ⛱️ Unlike other patio umbrella, the 3 tier patio umbrella with dual wind vents which not only adds fashion and elegance to the patio umbrella but good for air circulation. It is worth mentioned that multiple vents facilitate the flow of hot and cold air that not only make the umbrella more stable but cooler underneath.
⛱️ Auto-Tilt System & Crank Operation ⛱️ The 10ft outdoor umbrella comes with built-in user-friendly crank which is easy to open as well as close. Besides, replace tilt push button with auto-tilt system, the patio umbrella is super easy to adjust tilt by crank and maximum shade for your outside enjoyment.

Additional images:

Product ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct Thumbnail

Price: $109.99

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MEWAY 10ft Outdoor Umbrella Patio Offset Cantilever Umbrella, Large Market Deck Pool Backyard Umbrella with Cross Base…

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
【 SIZE and USE 】This 10 ft cantilever offset hanging patio umbrella provides more sun protection for your outdoor settings, keep you cool and more comfortable, a best choice for your garden, yard, pool, deck, background beach, balcony, restaurant, and any other outdoor area.
【 WATERPROOF,UV PROTECTION& FADE RESISTANT 】The umbrella is made of heavy duty anti-UV polyester fabric (100% polyester 220gsm), Waterproof, fade resistant and UV Protection.

Additional images:

Product ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct Thumbnail

Price: $119.99

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Bonnlo 9-Feet Heavier Pole Thicker Fabric with Easy Push Button Tilt 8 Ribs Outdoor Patio Umbrella Aluminum Backyard…

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
? UPGRADED POLYESTER FABRIC.☂☂Compaired to the thin material on the market, we use the thicker,water-repellent and UV protective fabric makes the umbrella maintain long lasting and keep brand new.
? STUDIER POLE.☂☂Made by heavier Rust- Free Powder Coated Aluminum Pole and Steel Ribs provides superior strength support that resists wind better.

Additional images:

Product ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct Thumbnail

Price: $52.99

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Sunnydaze 9 Foot Outdoor Patio Umbrella with Solar Lights & Tilt/Crank, LED, Catalina Beach Stripe

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
PERFECT FOR MOST PATIO TABLES: This beautiful tilted patio umbrella with solar lights is the ideal size for a 42-54" table. Measures 9' diameter x 8' height with a 1.5" pole diameter.
HIGH QUALITY THAT'S DESIGNED TO LAST: Made from durable 100% polyester fabric with steel ribs and a powder coated aluminum pole, this large patio umbrella with lights will provide you with many years of beauty and performance.

Additional images:

Product ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct Thumbnail

Price: $109.00

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ABCCANOPY 9FT Patio Umbrella Solar Powered Outdoor Umbrella, Market Umbrella with 8LED Lights Bars, Push-Button Tilt and…

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
★ Use day or night,with solar powered light bars on each 8 ribs, no electricity or power cord needed, last for 9-12 hours. ON and OFF switch for solar lights with solar panel on top powered by the rechargeable battery
★ Convenient crank opens/closes system and handy push button tilt, keep the sun at the back in the daytime.

Additional images:

Product ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct ThumbnailProduct Thumbnail

Price: $89.95

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