EACH MAY I ENCOURAGE all of us to keep in mind, amidst the craze, that there is absolutely nothing wrong that some good-quality mulch will not enhance visually (while helping develop soil beneath as a perk). I’m spreading it as quickly as I can, but I need to say:

Winters ain’t what they used to be (for better or worse). In 2019, I feel like we froze and thawed more times than I could count, and “mud season” appears to be much of the year long now. In 2018, the worst of it came late and stayed later on.

In 2017, as now seems to be the pattern, the snow hardly melted in time to stuff in spring clean-up before garden-visiting occasions started. In 2016, it was different: Some after-effects of that Winter season That Wasn’t that year might not be hidden, and had to be erased by more violent methods, like a substantial chain connected to a huge truck to pull out suddenly dead trees and shrubs for whom a “mild” winter season (following a dry 2015 growing season) actually may have meant terminal havoc. What will the next one be like?

Whether operating in extra-high equipment, or waiting on the rescue squad, onward I constantly mulch, along with aggressive weeding– 2 leading tasks of the merry-and-not-so month of May … and trying to restore sanity with a lot of edging also. But more creative-feeling to-do’s are on the list, too, I assure. Read More

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