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    Gas or Charcoal BBQ Grill?

    Gas or Charcoal BBQ Grill? That everlasting dispute about which BARBEQUE grill is better – charcoal or gas has been around for ages (and now we have electric BARBEQUE fans joining this dispute too!). All of it started back in the 1960s when the first gas BARBEQUE grills appeared on the market. The first thing that identifies a gas grill from a charcoal one is the fact that you can set it off extremely rapidly indeed, without needing to put any effort into lighting everything up and awaiting the charcoals to get all ashy. And of course, with gas grills, you won’t get all dirty dealing with all those piles…

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    Learn About Summer Crisp Lettuce Varieties

    You may name it Summers months Crisp, French refreshing or even Batavia, yet these Summertime Crisp lettuce vegetations are actually a lettuce fan’s best buddy. The Majority Of lettuce develops absolute best in cold climate, yet Summertime Crisp lettuce assortments endure summer season warmth. If you are actually searching for lettuce to expand following summer season, kept reading. Our team offers you great deals of Summertime Crisp lettuce relevant information, featuring recommendations for increasing Summertime Crisp lettuce in your backyard. Summer Season Crisp Lettuce Facts If you’ve ever before consumed lettuce developed in too-hot climate, it’s most likely you located it bitter tasting as well as also challenging. That’s an…

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    DIY urban gardening hacks for small spaces

    Small gardens are often seen as having little or no scope for design. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You can squeeze a lot into a small plot: be bold, be strong, ensure a lavish backbone of evergreens with spring color to enliven spirits after the long winter gloom – and don’t forget to incorporate the scent. But remember, in small gardens, less is often more: it’s better to do one thing well rather than a lot in a muddled fashion. Large gardens have an element of safety, deploying swathes of green lawn which is economical to install and covers large areas of ground. A small garden has to…

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    Top Ten Tips to Repurpose Plastic Pots

    More often than not, those new plants we pick up at nurseries or home improvement centers are in a plastic pot. As responsible gardeners, we all hate to simply throw those pots away and add them to the landfill. Most of those pots are made of recyclable plastic, but if you’ve watched a related episode […] The post Top Ten Tips to Repurpose Plastic Pots appeared first on joe gardener® | Organic Gardening Like a Pro.

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    Grow cilantro… and no, that is not a typo!

    This long-leafed coriander is worth growing in all climates states, Penny Woodward. Cilantro (Eryngium foetidum) is also called long-leafed coriander. This herb comes originally from Central and South America where it has actually been used for centuries to include flavor to soups and stews. Low-growing to about 40cm, cilantro produces a rosette of stiff, dark green, elongated, toothed leaves. Strong stalks with toothed leaves grow from the center of this, and these are topped by cone-shaped, pale green, tiny, pineapple-shaped flower heads. The entire plant is strongly pungent with a scrumptious and distinct fragrance and tastes comparable to coriander (Coriandrum sativum). Cilantro is a short-lived seasonal that’s grown as a…

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    Here are 9 gardening trends to try this year

    It’s planting season in metro Detroit, and gardeners are getting ready to stock up on greenery. From tiny urban gardens to rolling landscapes in the suburbs, here are 9 hot trends for 2019, according to horticultural experts. No space? No problem The biggest issue for most gardeners this year figuring out how to tackle a small garden. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 80% of Americans live in urban areas, which leaves little to no room for outdoor greenery. According to the experts at plant supplier Proven Winners, consider opting for fastigate shrubs. Fastigate plants are those that grow with branches sloping upward, nearly parallel to the main stem. These plants save on space by growing…

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    10 Effective Ways To Protect Your Garden From Birds

    Photo by: Agonjaka [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]So spring has arrived, and you’re feeling accomplished! You carefully transplant your young plants out into the garden and sow your seeds into the soil.  Days later you come out to find all of your newly planted crops have disappeared! Birds have been eating away at your tiny seedlings faster than they could grow, which devastates your crop. Let’s explore 10 easy ways you can keep birds from entering your garden: 1. Garden netting: Garden netting is light-weight and easy to install. It is recommended to suspend it over your crops. Not only will netting protect against birds, but it is also great at…

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    Women Who Surround Themselves With Plants Live Longer

    We like to surround ourselves with friends, pets, fresh air, and sunshine, but have you ever considered the benefits of plants? According to some new research, living in the midst of healthy vegetation has proven to significantly extend one’s life expectancy. Research coming directly out of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health as well as the Brigham and Women’s Hospital has analyzed the results of an eight-year-long study that specifically examined a potential link in place between thriving vegetation and an extended lifespan. According to the study, “Women in the U.S. who live in homes surrounded by more vegetation appear to have significantly lower mortality rates than those who…

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    This is How to Correctly Plant Tomatoes to Grow 5–8 ft Plants

    Here are some useful tips that will help you grow healthy and delicious tomatoes in your garden: Plant the tomato seedlings in pots, and poke holes underneath to prevent water stagnation. In order to make them flourish and ripen, you should ensure they receive at least 8 hours of direct sunlight daily. Moreover, water the tomato seedlings twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. They are ready to graduate to soil beds after about a month. Dig large holes to accommodate the seedling and its additives, of about 20-24 inches (50-60cm).  It would be best if they are spaced out by at least three feet (0.9m). READ THE…

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    Watering Your Garden: How Much Is Enough and Sources

    There’s more to being wise with water than efficient garden watering. I often mention that more plants die from overwatering than from underwatering. That’s the main reason I speak so often about making sure you have well-drained soil. In earlier parts of this 5-part series; I’ve covered selecting the right plants, water delivery methods, and watering […] The post Watering Your Garden: How Much Is Enough and Sources: Pro Tips – Pt. 4 of 5 appeared first on joe gardener® | Organic Gardening Like a Pro.... Read More