Planting For Winter Garden

Planting For Winter Garden

As garden enthusiasts, we seem to be under the impression that we need to close the book on gardening at seasons end. If you have followed my post you understand I do not hold with that theory.

I think gardening is an enthusiastic pastime that ought to be pursued all year. Even those of us in the north, with our cold and snowy winters, can enjoy gardening all year.

There is no factor that our lawn and garden ought to not be just as aesthetically appealing in the winter as it is in the warmer seasons. We merely have to take the time to plant for winter effect, in addition to summertime results.

We might not have the ability to have flowers in the winter season but we can have beautiful colors. The winter landscape, although beautiful in its own respects, can be very cold and ordinary with the absence of floral colors.

There is always a charm related to a snow-covered landscape. How much more lovely it would be with a subtle touch of color. Luckily there are many excellent ways to add the touches of brightness to the winter landscape, making it just as enticing as in the summer season.

The correctly prepared winter garden actually boasts many appealing features the summertime garden lacks. Genuinely we never ever tire of the colorful foliage and blooms of the summer season garden, it’s one of the natures most picturesque screens. But the winter garden is equally as gorgeous and suggests a breadth and distance that includes incredibly to the beauty of the garden scene.

The bare branches against the clear winter sky and the vastness of the open areas, when obscured by the foliage of summer, lend their own subtle charm to the scene.

Evergreens are among the most beautiful trees and shrubs for planting in the winter garden. Their bright green branches covered in snow are among nature’s finest etchings. The fantastic contrast of color can be breathtaking, especially when the evergreens are planted in areas they will be the most visually efficient.

All frequently gardeners will plant evergreens around their homes, with little thought to the most visually reliable area. We frequently place them where they have no chance to display their winter appeals successfully. Evergreens planted for winter charm are most spectacular when planted at a distance from your home. In this way, the lovely contrast of color comes alive.

Every good specimen of evergreen will provide a stunning winter photo on its own. But a lot more magnificent scene can be produced when evergreens are provided in simply the right way. Why not let our evergreens act as backgrounds against which to bring out colors that match, to some degree, the flowers of summertime?

Have you ever walked along the edge of a wooded location in the winter, to suddenly come upon a group of Alders? How bright their spikes of scarlet berries radiated. The color is as intense as that of a flame, appearing to radiate heat through the winter air.

They leave such a striking visual impression we can visualize it long after we have passed it by. Really a stunning scene, one we could easily recreate and enjoy in our own winter landscape.

The Alders scarlet fire, provided against a dark green background of our evergreens, will make the winter garden glow with brilliant color.

The Red Branched Willow also provides an amazing winter scene when placed against a background of evergreens. The contrast of color drew out by every branch appears as though sculpted from coral. The result is aesthetically magnificent!

A properly positioned planting of Bittersweet, with its clusters of red and orange contrasted against a background of evergreens, produces a result unrivaled by many flowers.

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The Bayberry is another stunning winter shrub. Grayish-white berries are studded along its rich brown branches, retained throughout the winter months. Planted side by side with the Alder, the result is magnificently pleasing.

There are many other shrubs that show berries of blue, purple and black. Not as incredible as those of scarlet, they are still exceptionally stunning when planted for optimum visual appeal. Integrating these additional colors to your winter landscape will expand the series of color and tone in your garden.

Next spring when you consider the year’s plantings, keep in mind to keep an eye open for the coming winter. What will your landscape appear like when the trees are bare, snow blanketing the world in white? What would it look like with an evergreen here? Or possibly a couple over there?

And perhaps an Alder here? Now you’re understanding. Do not stop enjoying the garden just because the days grow much shorter and the weather condition turns chillier. The joy of gardening is a year-round delight.

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