ANY 2 Flamingos FREE SHIPPING Bobbing Bird Dancing Balancing Kinetic Whirligig Wind Spinner Garden Art Decor PVC Birds… Price: $90.00 (as of 06/03/2021 19:21 PST- Details)



New to Amazon, but have 5-star rating elsewhere! “Florida Bobbing Birds” is my new name! I have been manufacturing these cute birdies since 2004 and I’m back after a 5-year break. Welcome & THANK YOU for stopping by my new store! Made & Ready to Ship! ***I ship the same day or the next morning.*** Birds ship for free via USPS Priority Mail. You will receive an email with your tracking # when I print the label. ANY 2 Full-Size Flamingos – CHOOSE YOUR COLORS! Realistic feathery painting. Bird tail is slightly curved up for added cuteness! Pick 2 colors: Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Orange, Purple, Lime Green, Aqua, Light Blue, Bright Blue & Yellow. UV-Resistant PVC: Made in USA Galvanized Steel Rod: Made in USA Paint Sponges: Tarpon Springs, FL All bobbing birds move a full 360 degrees around and up and down. These adorable bobbing birds move with the slightest breeze and really gets going when it’s windy! 100% Hand-Crafted by Florida artisan – cut out, hand-painted, formed, attach hand-made hinge. Our bobbing birds are a nice, large size that is 7″ wide x 24″ long sitting on a 26″ galvanized metal pole (won’t rust). These bobbing birds are elegant but tough and hold-up to the weather extremely well. You won’t be disappointed! Please take them in if you know a bad storm is coming! You will have years of enjoyment with proper care. All birds are hand-painted with local Tarpon Springs sponges that makes for that realistic feathery look. Notice how the backside looks like 2 wings folded with a part down the middle – just like a real flamingo! The birds are all a little different because they are hand-made. Special PVC is UV and water resistant. We use a high-end exterior, high-gloss paint. Every bird is hand-made and painted by hand. Every bird is a little different because they are hand-made.

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