Classic Metal Garden Marker Set of 3 or More – 19 Inches Tall Price: $50.00 (as of 22/01/2022 13:22 PST- Details)



Rusted steel garden markers help you identify your plants and add a bit of rustic whimsy to the garden! You may find them elsewhere, but these are the original! Classic Garden Markers are cut from steel as thick as a penny. Each one is welded onto a sturdy steel rod. These delightful markers will last for many decades of use. Very sturdy yet light-weight. Makes a great gift! Face plate of the garden stake is max 8″ wide for longer words or 3″ tall for short words. Stakes are roughly 19″ tall but two-word markers may be slightly taller. Choose from the following and enter your list during checkout: -apple -apricot -artichoke -arugula -asparagus -basil -beans -bush beans -green beans -lima bean -wax beans -beets -blackberry -blueberry -bok choy -broccoli -brussel sprout -cabbage -cantaloupe -carrots -catnip -cauliflower -celery -chard -cherry -chives -cilantro -collards -corn -cowpeas -cucumber -dill -echinacea -eggplant -elderberry -fennel -fig -flowers -garlic -grapefruit -grapes -herbs -horseradish -kale -kohlrabi -lavender -leeks -lemon -lemon balm -lemongrass -lemon verbena -lettuce -lime -luffa -marjoram -mint -peppermint -spearmint -nectarine -okra -onion -green onions -orange -oregano -parsley -parsnip -peach -pear -peas -sweet pea -pepper -jalapeno -banana pepper -bell pepper -cayenne -hot pepper -sweet pepper -poblano -plum -pomegranate -potatoes -sweet potato -pumpkin -radish -raspberry -rhubarb -rosemary -sage -salsify -scallions -shallot -sorrel -spinach -squash -stevia -strawberry -sunflower -tarragon -thyme -tomatillo -tomatoes -cherry tomato -heirloom tomato -turmeric -turnip -watermelon -melon -weeds -zinnias -zucchini Please note that this item is made of naturally rusted steel. Irregular colors are to be expected, and with time outdoors the entire item will turn a golden rusty brown. Rusted steel can stain fabrics and leave residue on your hands. Stakes may have sharp edges. Gardening gloves recommended. Not intended as an indoor product.

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