Custom Rustic Metal Garden Stake Price: $42.50 (as of 22/01/2022 13:22 PST- Details)



Custom Garden Sign is the perfect gift! This rustic garden stake is easy to add to a large planter or place anywhere in the landscape or garden. It’s large enough to stand out on its own but still fits into planters. Customize this sign however you like. You can choose any message! Examples are Ryan’s Garden, Mom’s Garden, Happy Birthday, and the list goes on. Read below for character limits on each size. You’ll have an opportunity to “leave a note to seller” at checkout, so you can type out your 2 lines of text there. Your custom stake is now available in four sizes. Small 8×5″ face, 20″ overall: Up to two lines of text, up to 9 characters per line including punctuation and spaces. Medium 11.5×7″ face, 23″ overall: Up to three lines of text, up to 12 characters per line Large 15×9″ face, 28″ overall, upgraded kicker for support: Up to three lines of text, up to 15 characters per line. Extra Large 18.5×12″ face, 33″ overall, upgraded kicker for support: Up to four lines of text, up to 17 characters per line. ***Scroll through photos for size comparisons.*** The face of the stake is cut from steel about as thick as a nickel. Please note that this item is made of naturally rusted steel. Irregular colors are to be expected, and with time outdoors the entire item will turn a golden rusty brown. Rusted steel can stain fabrics and leave residue on your hands. Please be aware that the item may have sharp edges. Gardening gloves are recommended. This item is not intended as an indoor product. Your custom garden sign will be ready to ship in about 7-10 days. All of our items are made by the two of us, in our own shop. 100% made in USA and made to last!

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