Garden of Weedin’ Metal Garden Stake Price: $33.00 (as of 17/05/2021 15:05 PST- Details)



Garden of Weedin’ metal garden stake is cut from steel about as thick as a nickel — sturdy yet lightweight! This great metal stake is easy to add to a large planter or place anywhere in the landscape or garden. The face of the metal stake is 8″ wide and overall the stake is 21″ tall. Please note that this item is made of naturally rusted steel. Irregular colors are to be expected, and with time outdoors the entire item will turn a golden rusty brown. Rusted steel can stain fabrics and leave residue on your hands. Please be aware that the item may have sharp edges. Gardening gloves are recommended. This item is not intended as an indoor product. 100% made in USA and made to last!

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